Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bridesmaid Adventures | Bachelorette Party

So I'd mentioned previously that I'm in the middle of planning a bachelorette party to....

photo by Allen McGregor

I've never been there and my knowledge of it is quite limited. So far I have...

  • It's in the middle of a desert
  • That's where the NomadGrad is from
  • Necessities: Swimsuit, sunblock, dress for clubbing
  • Also I hear there are shows? 
Thankfully, Vegas appears to be pretty jam packed with things to do so we're going to wing most of it. And really, it's going to be all about celebrate my friend getting married with the girls from my sorority for the weekend. 

Some ideas that have been suggested so far include:
  • Taking a pole dancing class
  • Going to watch the Thunder from Down Under- In fact, one of the girls just went to this on a girl's night out and said it was a really good time. 
  • Renting a cabana near the pool
  • Shopping at the outlets
  • Wandering through all the hotels
Have you been to Vegas before? What did you enjoy doing?
Any suggestions??


  1. Oh, so fun! Vegas is ahhhhmazing! I went there for my honeymoon. There is so much to do. Cirque du Soleil is sooooo gooood! You should see one of their shows if you get a chance. Also, the hotels have these amazing buffets where you can eat your hearts out. You are gonna have a blast! :)

    1. What a fun place to honeymoon!

      Haha by 'have a blast' I think you mean 'unable to fit into any of your pants' though yes, that sounds amazing ;)

      Did you guys go on any of the rollercoasters by chance?

  2. That sounds like it will be super fun! I highly recommend walking through the Venetian hotel. There are canals with real gondolas floating around in them just like in Italy. =)

    1. Thanks for the tip, Laura! Definitely adding it to my list of things to do :)