Monday, March 18, 2013

Bridesmaid Adventures: Bridesmaid Info Packet

Sometimes I think the bride knows me too well. Either that or it's because she's so organized that we work well enough together to not only remain such good friends (despite the distance) and to even travel extensively together. In the last episode of bridesmaid adventures, I mentioned the irrational anxiety that comes with being in the wedding. The photo below is what made it all go away. 

Behold, information amazingly organized (and in her wedding colors) packet! (and an adorable handmade "Will you be my bridesmaid" card)

Included is:
  • How she knows each member of the bridal party
  • Her request for what we wear to the wedding
  • Wedding colors and her aesthetic vision for it, as well as requests as to what she would like from the bridal party. 

Since I carry around a paper planner, I tucked the "Attire" page from this packet in it so I can always keep an eye out for the perfect dress:

Seriously, cutest idea ever. All the information all in one place, to reference when needed.

Also included in this bridesmaid packet was a bikini-bag that she made as well as some adorable flower hair clips that I love using when I put my hair up. I don't know how she finds the time to plan a wedding while working a lot at an amazing job, and then handmaking all this stuff. I really need to learn time management from this girl.

The reason this is a bikini-bag and not just a bag with a zipper on it is because it's lined with plastic so you can put your wet swimsuit in it. Such a good idea and fitting, as it's a beach wedding. I'm also really excited to use it at our bachelorette party destination because we're going to...._____!!!!!

Next time, on Bridesmaid Adventures... Bach Party Planning ;)


  1. So what you're saying is that I should be referring my engaged friends to ask you to be their wedding planner? :)

    1. That is way too much anxiety for me. I just like to see what other people do :)

  2. Now that is organized! WOW!

    P.S. Don't stress out about the bridesmaid stuff too much. Just try to have fun with it. :)

    1. Right?? It was amazing.
      Thanks :) I think I'm ok now that I have my packet of info. Plus a dash of anxiety always helps me stay on top of things when it comes to planning ;)