Monday, March 25, 2013

Bridesmaid Adventures: Pinterest

I'm far from getting married, so it's really fun to be able to be a part of my friend's wedding. Unfortunately, being on opposite coasts of the US, it's hard to be actively involved. Luckily we have Pinterest to help us shrink those miles.

We have one general wedding inspiration board: K & B | Sept 2013, which is full of teal/orange and similarly cool/warm tone mixture pins.

Aside from this, we also used it when she was dress shopping. She created a board for each boutique she was going to, and we all pinned dresses that we liked. It was so much fun to be able to peruse through dresses together, well, at least virtually together. It's times like this that you thank the internet for its communication abilities.

In addition to this, I thought that I would add something a little more "me" so since I'm a travel photoblogger, I started creating a basic wedding shot list. A shot list is a list of photographs that you definitely want a photographer to take during your session. They can be as simple as "headshot" as mine was for the picture I'm currently using on my sidebar to the right. With all the planning and lists that most brides have on their plate, I thought I would try to help out by curating photographs that I think are both basic & creative for a wedding. Enjoy!

How do you use Pinterest? | Do you have any fun group board ideas?
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