Thursday, March 21, 2013

NYC transportation

Transportation in NYC is just as famous as the city itself with both the yellow cab and the subway map used as common symbols of the city. The buses in NYC are a complete underdog of transportation, yet I find myself taking them over the others, if possible.

I used to be a huge believer in the subway system, preferring to take public transportation over paying at least triple the price for a trip to sit in behind a bulletproof glass mounted to the back of the front seat(s). That was, until one day when I hopped on my regular train, only to have it not move. The announcements over the intercom kept promising to move momentarily. The entire time I was debating the pros and cons of sticking it out and popping back above ground. 

Minute 25 of waiting was when I decided to just go for it and dashed out of the station and hopped on the first bus that came by. The lady sitting next to me asked me what happened since there were so many more people on the bus than usual. I explained that the train wasn't moving and then asked her where the bus was going. She kindly explained where it went, and what bus she thought I could take afterward.

I got off at the last stop of that route, which got me less than half way to work, started briskly walking to cross the park when I found another bus that would take me even closer. Hopped on that one as well, and asked the gal next to me where exactly the bus went. She doubled checked on her phone for me, and advised me on how best to get to work. 

Whoever said that New Yorkers are not nice have never tried talking to one. 
Another thing that I realized that was beside the fact that I had quite a bit of anxiety while waiting for the train to start moving, besides the sea of people that were swarming the buses, besides the fact that I was 15 minutes late to work, I felt a lot more calm, and actually quite happy. WHAT? Happy first thing in the morning in a stressful situation?

Then it dawned on me. 

Maybe it was because I was under the sun, instead of holed up in a dingy labyrinth that is the NYC subway system. I'm a complete bus convert and take the bus now, even though it takes a touch longer and just enjoy the city go by on my way to and from work everyday. 

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