Sunday, January 6, 2013

the Direction of 2013

While I have come up with some New Year's Resolutions to jump on the bandwagon, my resolutions are always similar, especially in regard to their never being accomplished. The only one I managed to accomplish was "floss more," but I think that was more out of a fear of getting a cavity in Japan than it was determination to live the phrase "new year, new you." 

I may not have high hopes for accomplishing these (I know, I really believe in myself), but I did try to think of what direction I would like to take in 2013 to hep me think of (hopefully) more realistic resolutions, which are:
  • Have better posture
  • Stop eating when I'm full
  • Buy less, Spend more
Have better posture: I don't have a problem with my posture when I'm standing or walking, but the second that I sit down, my shoulders round, leading to really cramped shoulders and headaches. Typing on a computer, using my smart phone, and even reading doesn't help. It just looks better to have better posture, too. 

Stop eating when full: We've all been there. You're not stuffed, but you're full... but that cookie just looks so good. Just one more can't hurt... and then we get into what I've been doing since I was a child, trying to convince my parents to read just one more bedtime story. Dieting's great, but learning when you have enough is probably more effective and a better habit than overeating and then trying to run it off. At least it's more efficient. 

Buy less, Spend more: In a consumerist society, it's hard to not want new things. That's also how we ended up with shows like "hoarders." After traveling and living in a different country for a bit, I've come to realize just how little I can survive off of. I found myself wanting, but then not, as I found a way to tweak what I already had to fulfill the role of the wanted item, or would find myself surviving just fine without. On the other hand, the things that I constantly find myself packing to take are my sturdier items, which often times comes with a higher price tag. While more money does not always mean it's a higher quality product, I'm going to make sure that this year, I treat all purchases like an investment. We've all heard of "investment" pieces, right? What if all of our pieces were investment pieces? 

Are you someone who likes to make new year's resolutions?
What are some of yours?

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