Monday, January 28, 2013

On Work

I absolutely adore that Yogi Teas are not only organic, but come with a short, yet sweet quote. 

"Work, but don't forget to live"

This quote is kind of funny to me right now because I'm currently funemployed (except for the occasional translation) and in general, looking back at how I've lived my life since graduating from university, you'd see that the advice that this tea should really be giving me is "Live, but don't forget to work." 

Though working contract and/or volunteer positions are not the most stable or lucrative, I must admit that I've loved every job and I'm very grateful for the opportunities (especially the opportunities to travel) that these positions have given me. This doesn't mean that I never doubt this path. AT ALL. Especially when I'm funemployed. During these periods of no paycheck and a future that's completely up in the air, I spend every waking half-moment doubting every decision I've ever made concerning my career. 

I was recently at a dinner with some friends (one old, one new) and we were talking about our current anxieties when it comes to our professional careers. From my point of view, they are very much on track for a successful career and I really admire them for the work that they've put into getting where they are now. What absolutely blew me out of the water, was hearing them say that they really respected how I currently choose to travel and take opportunities that allow me to work on personal development through seeing the world. I think that my favorite was when they described me as the grandmother who would round up her grandchildren and say "when grandma was 25, she took up sword fighting with baguettes and rode only camels as a source of transportation." Ok, so neither of those are true, and they didn't say that exactly, but it was along those lines. 

Sometimes I have doubts about choosing this road (still often less taken) so I'm especially grateful to have friends both old and new, who remind me that it's a good one, and one to be grateful for. 


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    1. Yogi is definitely my choice for peppermint tea, mostly because of the quotes! ha!

  2. Fantastic quote. I have to agree. I live to craft, eat, hike and of course spend time with my pups and husband. Work is important too, but if comes after all the things I enjoy most in life. Here's to you following your dreams and doing what makes YOU happy, even if it isn't conventional, 'stable' or what everyone else is doing. Kudos! And, your tea seems to be thinking the same thing. Can't argue with that! ;)

    1. You hike too?? Awesome! Learn something new every day :)

      Obviously can't argue with tea :) Thanks for your support. I say it rarely, but appreciate it always <3