Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Travel Quirks: Rings

There are two rings that I always travel with: One is a skull ring that I got at Tokyo Disneyland back in 2007 with a close friend, and a three-ring. (Does anyone know what these are actually called?)

So, why these rings?

  • They're sterling silver so I can subject them to just about anything and they won't tarnish or get too gross, even if I leave them on during the whole trip. Silver-plated nickel looks nice, but the silver eventually wears off, especially when you're exposing them to all sorts of things, including hard water, salt water, dirt, me for days on end... so I find that pure sterling silver is the way to go. Leave the silver-plated nickel as costume jewelry when you're at home.
  • They also don't look as flashy as gold might- they're cute, but no one's going to go out of their way to steal these. 
  • I find it handy to have rings on me, because sometimes it's just easier or safer to say that you're married and it's much easier to convince someone that you're married if you're wearing a ring on your left ring finger. I obviously use the three-ring (& not the skull ring) for this purpose.
You might be asking "really? do people ask you if you're married that much? Does it even matter? doubt it!" This is actually something that I started after getting asked repeatedly in several countries if I was engaged or married and most of the time, they were fairly insistent until my friend(s) and I were finally able to convince them that we had husbands. I even had to find a picture of me and "my husband" (aka a picture with a guy friend that happened to be left on my camera) to convince someone to leave me alone. (Dating seems to mean that you're still fair game.)

Why 2 rings? 
I don't know.. I'm a girl; I like accessories! 
but I'm also practical. 2 rings seems to be reasonable when on the road. 

Does you carry rings and/or a picture when you travel?
Do you think I'm being overly cautious or ridiculous?
Would love to hear from you!!


  1. I didn't know you had a second blog... You are such an over-achiever! LOL! ;)

    The skull ring is so cool. I love things with subtle edginess like that.

    And so funny that you have to pretend to be married to tell guys to back off. They can be so persistant, I don't blame you one bit.

    I'm not much of a jewelry girl myself. I love the stuff and buy oodles of it, but I rarely wear much more than my pearl earrings on a daily basis.

    1. Haha yes! Confession: I have 4, but only 3 are updated regularly and 1 of them is in Japanese.
      I just started this one, though so it's my little baby blog. Thought I'd spare my male readers of Kizzling Around from the details of my ever-changing nail color/designs. ;)

      Le sigh. Yes, it's just so much more cut and dry than I have a boyfriend. It was mainly while traveling in India that people outright asked me if I was married, which can get a bit awkward when you're in the same seating area as that person for hours.

      LOVE pearl earrings. They are so simple, yet add so much class to an outfit.