Tuesday, July 31, 2012

How to: Look Effortless at the Airport

I recently shared my favorite travel hairstyle, but what about the rest of you, right?

Here's an example of my favorite travel outfit:

Tight tank + Loose t-shirt + Scarf + Comfortable Pants + Flats = Lovely to Wear, Lovely to Look at.

the Tight tank will help keep you warm while also absorbing most of the sweat should you get too warm.

the Loose t-shirt is not only cooling and comfortable, it lets you have a bit of freedom with what kind of bra you wear- so you can wear your most comfortable one... or a sports bra!

the Scarf (not pictured, it's in my purse) lets you adjust your temperature on a plane, which can range anywhere from hell to hell frozen  over. I usually get one that's thin so you can kind of twist it to make it cover very little surface area when you're warm, yet will fold out to be big enough to act as a blanket.

the Comfortable pants are probably the most important part of this. If you're skinny enough, then you have won the travel jackpot and can totally wear jeggings and bask in their comfort. For the rest of us, however, jeggings are not an option. I have secret pants. They look dressy even though they're a bit stretchy and... get this... they have an elastic waistband and a drawstring. Is it a little embarrassing to admit? Sure. But is it totally worth being comfortable? OMGYES. I usually go with full length pants that i can roll up if I get warm, but it's hot in Tokyo now and I'm not willing to die of heatstroke for a picture.

I can't find them on the US website right now, but I've gotten a pair in the US as well. Here's a link to the Japanese Uniqlo site for the best travel pants ever.

the Flats should be easy to slip on and off* during airport security, and because even if you're one of those people who likes to remove their shoes after takeoff, no one should go into the bathroom without footwear.

Bonus: I love my LongChamps le pliage bag when I'm on the road (ok, all the time, but especially when I'm on the road). I can fold it up to put in my backpack when I'm in rural areas, yet whip it out and look chic when I'm in the city. It's also super lightweight.

*Unfortunately, my favorite travel flats were just ruined when I was caught in a couple monsoons. I hate rainy season. grumbles.

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  1. Such a great post. You are obviously a traveling pro. I really like the layers you wear to travel. Also, secret pants?!! Those look awesome! Too bad I can't get them here.

    P.S. Love the red shoes too. Adds a bit of spice to the whole thing. :)

    1. Thanks!

      They are so comfortable! You never know- they might appear in the US soon :)

      I am obsessed with bold color shoes! It broke my heart when my bright yellow flats that I've had for years finally gave out.

  2. haha, omg, I swear I did the exact posts! absolutely right, braid and scarf!! It was my uniform when I was traveling through asia!

    1. haha I need to find those posts!
      only you can totally pull off jeggings, which are even more comfortable :)

  3. The drawstring and elastic pants are cracking me up, because I would never have known that they were ultra ultra comfy looking at the photo. Definitely the perfect thing to wear while on long flights.

    1. They are amazing! Not only are they comfy, I always find that people treat you better when you dress on the nicer side at airports and on the plane.

      Totally worth any embarrassment when your travel companions find out you're wearing drawstring pants (and really, I think it's just secret envy) ;)