Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Favorite Travel Hair-do

There's a trick to being comfortable, yet not looking grungy when traveling. I have yet to fully master this, but I'm learning. After experimenting quite a bit of several hair styles, I have found this to be the best hair style to travel with:

Reasons why I love the side braid so much:
  • The side braid lets you comfortably use the headrest (ever try to sleep on a plane with a ponytail? no thank you).
  • Keeps your hair a bit more controlled than a normal side-pony. 
  • It doesn't start looking worse as your hair gets greasier from sitting in recycled air next to strangers for hours. In fact, it's even easier to do when there's a little grease in your hair. 
  • Once you get used to it, you can do it without a mirror and it takes max 1 minute. 
  • It's low maintenance- you only need a hair tie. No bobby pins needed because ouch! those suckers can hurt if you turn the wrong way whilst sleeping on a plane/train/night bus.
  • Most importantly, braids are in right now, so take advantage of that to look chic on the road!
  • Braid fairly tightly until you get about 2/3 of the way down of the non-french braid, braid part and then tie it off. Put your finger through pieces of the part of the braid hanging next to your head and gently tug down. This makes the braid much more comfortable, while making it look effortless. 
  • Pin back your bangs a bit while actually on the mode of transportation, lightly wash your face right before you arrive at your destination and place them back for non-greasy bangs that look great and will have people wondering how in the world you did that.  
  • You can add a headband or small accessory to dress it up, if you're feeling fancy... at the airport. 
  • Read/Watch this hair tutorial from ...love Maegan 


  1. I really need to try wearing my hair in braids more. Such a nice change from ponytails... and perfect for traveling!

    Thanks for the link to the video. I love tutorials. :)

    1. This is my current go-to hairdo when my hair's not really looking great down (or it's too hot). 'Tis perfect for hats, too!

      Me too! This one's great. I was able to do the braid after watching it only once :)