Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Late Resolution for 2014

I'm never really one to make New Year's resolutions because I get so disappointed when I can't keep them (which is all the time). However, I do find myself fairly good at defining a direction that I want to take in my life and then making the necessary changes.

I needed some time late last year and into early this year to work through some things, as 2013 was a rather tough year for me. But now we're well into 2014 and this year, time is flying by even faster than in years past. I'm brushed off, and ready to start a slow jog, that will hopefully pick up in a few months (I'd say "hit the ground running," but my muscles would hate me after months of barely moving- I like to keep things at least semi-realistic).

1. Increase Productivity: 

As I've finally gotten out of my rut, and have been forcing myself to get out more often to meet new people (which this introvert is surprisingly enjoying), my main source of self-hate has been from the fact that my productivity is not what it could be. After reading some articles about habits of CEOs, I came up with getting up earlier. And I'm not talking crazy early. It's my goal to be out of bed and into non-pajamas by 8am. Every day. My first alarm goes off at my real target time of 6:45 (still not that early) but I allow myself to stay in bed and read or watch youtube videos until 7:55 if I'm still a bit tired.

My work is shift-based and most days I don't start until 10 so this gives me some time to get some writing drafted, e-mails written, studying in and breakfast eaten before getting ready for the day. I also find that it helps to have that time limit- knowing that you have x amount to do before a solid commitment (like work).

2. Move More: 

Note that I did not say "get more exercise." It's a trick I like to play on myself. Exercise to me, sounds like a chore. Going to the gym? Only fun & motivated for the first week. Playing tennis, walking, hiking and doing outdoor activities? Now that sounds like fun.

Since the weather's not always stellar here in Seattle, being outdoors can be a lot more work than I'm willing to put in. To combat this, I invested in a nice yoga mat and do pilates videos on youtube or the 7 minute workout (and yes, there's an app for that). I can't say that I get some form of exercise every day, but I try to use it as a way to regain focus on my work.

I also moved to a location in Seattle that is just close enough to walk to many places, which is something that I take full advantage of. I pay for parking at my apartment complex and if I'm going to an event that I know I can walk to after work, I will just park at home and walk the 30 minutes it takes to get downtown, etc. Parking has gotten more expensive in the city and can be really hard to find- which only leads to more stress. Walking pretty much guarantees my ETA, I don't have to worry about timing that cocktail so I can drive home and I get some exercise.

// Have you defined a new direction for yourself recently? If no, what are some that you have really stuck to?
// Do you have any recommendations to help me maintain these throughout the year?

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