Tuesday, October 29, 2013

These Lovely Fall Days

I know everyone says this, but where has the time gone? I feel like just yesterday I was complaining about the winter in New York.  Since then I have moved across the country, roamed around Europe for a month, had my heart broken, traveled to attend two bachelorette parties, and two weddings (one of which I was a bridesmaid for the first time). And now here I am getting ready for the holidays. All the while being a fairweather blogger. And that's what I realized I am.  I can't seem to blog through all moods. Sometimes I just can't find the right energy to type away over sharing just the right amount on the Internet, because isn't that what blogging is anyway? It's been a rather rough year, but also one full of learning and growing. 

Now I'm just trying to figure out the perfect way to wrap it up.  So far I'm just stomping on some leaves and going on add many walks as possible.  Gotta enjoy good weather while it lasts!

// What are you up to this fall? What would be your ideal year wrap up?

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