Sunday, December 23, 2012

Organic Ginger Peach White Tea

My tea obsession grows stronger as I travel. I have always liked green tea, but it probably wasn't until moving to Japan that I could tell the difference between tea leaf qualities and in some cases, origins. Going to India and England made me absolutely obsessed with black teas, a love only rivaled by my love of scones. Now? Well, I'm finally starting to get into herb, floral, and fruit teas.

My recent find is this one from a trip to Trader Joe's:

The balance between the ginger, pear and white tea is delicate enough so that none of them overpower the others. Though I usually associate most peach and other fruit teas with summer (and not winter), this is perfect for winter as well because the ginger adds a hint of spice, keeping you warm, while giving you a break from all the nutmeg and cinnamon you've inevitably been ingesting this season.

Do you have any recent tea finds? 
I'd love to try out some new teas!

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