Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Makeup Palettes & Eyeliners On-the-go

One of my favorite parts of traveling abroad is that you have many opportunities to replenish your makeup supply at the duty free stores lining the corridors of the airport. Since I enjoy traveling light, I usually go with buying a few nicer items. Here's a list of my must-buys when I go through duty free stores.

Makeup palettes: 

Makeup palettes, especially ones that happen to have all colors that you can/will use, are a great way to save space. I currently use one from Lancome that I got a couple years ago when leaving Korea. I can even use the dark brown in it on my eyebrows so this one palette completely takes care of my eyes (minus eyeliner & mascara) and blush.

However, I always throw out the brushes that are included and use my own. Brushes (and a good primer) can make up for products that might be a little subpar. Unfortunately, this seems to work both ways where I can have great quality eye shadow, but it will look horrible if applied with the sponge brushes that are included.


On the most minimalistic trips, I take just an eyebrow pencil and eyeliner. If I could only take one makeup item, it would be eyeliner, hands down. That's how important it is for me. I've tried quite a few in my day, but I've found that the eyeliners that are easiest to travel with are those that don't require a brush or sharpening.

My favorite eyeliner, if I can afford it, is the Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof (30USD) in black. This goes on smoothly and doesn't smudge very much. I mean, you can't really expect any eyeliner to stay for 12 hours while traveling.

If I'm on a bit of a budget, I go for the MAC Technakohl Liner (15USD), also in black. I used to swear by this one until I splurged once and tried the Chanel waterproof one. 
*I just ran out of this one and am only consoled by the fact that I have a bit of the Chanel splurge left since I used it so sparingly (not anymore!). 

Eyebrow pencil:

I absolutely love this retractable one from The Face Shop (Korean Brand). No, I haven't been able to make it back to Seoul; I had a friend pick one up for me while she was there. I wear color #06, which is a dark brown, but still lighter than my natural brows, hopefully keeping my eyebrows from overpowering the rest of my face.

I must apologize. I meant to take fun photos of these products, but have packed the makeup palate up (with the rest of my room).


  1. I'm so bad at packing makeup for trips. I'm always trying to cram like a dozen shadows and such into my travel case, when I could simplify it with one pallet. Thanks for the tips.

    P.S. Glad you're enjoying your fun in the sun! :)

    1. I used to do that... until I realized that I'm much less grumpy when my bags are lighter, and really, I only really wear what I'm used to putting on really fast because I'd rather sleep in or get going while on vaca.

      Enjoying it a bit too much... definitely have a slew of awkward tan lines. :)