Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Patterned Walls

I have never been brave enough to paint a wall, er, rather... I've never had a wall that I could paint. One can still dream, though. One day, when I find a place to stay for more than 10 months (woes of a wanderer), I will paint a wall. Since I'm pretty sure that I'll still have an irrational fear of painting a wall fire engine red or mustard yellow, I'll probably go with something similar to one of these toned down, but equally amazing walls. The most amazing part? There are both DIYs!

- AND -

They definitely took a good bit of effort,


But  the results are AMAZING and completely worth it, don't you think?

The most inspiring part is that these women are both really busy; Andrea is a busy young professional in Washington D.C., and Laura is a brand new mother. If these two can take on such big projects for their abodes, I can probably do something far more simple- like clean my room <insert look of shame here>.

You can read more about their inspirations for these walls and how they went about completing their projects here: Stripes by Andrea and Stars by Laura.

Note: The photos in this post have been taken by the respective authors of the original posts and have been used with their permission. 


  1. Thanks for the feature on your blog! I am pretty honored to be next to those stars!! (Hmmm maybe I need to do another wall???) Every time I see a picture of that pile of tape I think about how many rolls of painters tape I went through! Eep!

    1. Thank YOU for letting me gush about your fabulous wall!
      I still remember talking to you while you were in the middle of painting it. Truly priceless :)

  2. WOW! Incredible! I just love the stars. It must have taken for ever, but the look was well worth the effort.

    The bold stripes are fun too. And, like Andrea said... gosh that must have been a lot of painter's tape!

    1. Maybe a new idea for that home office/craft space of yours? ;)